Is it just me, or is Vue easier to learn than React?

I am really enjoying learning Vue more so than React. What are your thoughts?

Will Vue be promising in 2019?

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Once you learn a franework is way easier to learn another, so if you feel Vue (being your first framework) is easier to learn than say, React, then by all means go for it. After that you can try learning React, which is a more on demand skill.

Yes. It will be useful. Whats more useful are the patterns that you can learn from vue. But if you are looking for a job learning react won’t hurt but will augment your vue learnings as well.

Its a win-win situation.

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Yeah, there’s a general feeling it’s easier to learn. The way you structure things maybe feels more natural, it’s less dependent on knowing JS well, the docs are terrific (React docs are still very good though). Vue has a much larger API, but that kinda works in its favour a bit when learning. React is unequivocally much simpler, but that translates to needing to learn the patterns needed to pass state around. Vue seems to hide quite a lot of this complexity behind the DSL it uses. React, on the whole (ignoring JSX), is just plain JS. It doesn’t come with much out-of-the-box compared to Vue, though this is not necessarily a downside at all.

Both of them are good things. React has the bigger community by far, that’s important.

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