Is it just me or the MongoDB/Mongoose chapeter is completly broken?

Has anyone have a hard time doind this Mongoose chapter? I’ve just finished doing the library tutorial on MDN, maybe you know about it, it is this one , and it was clear and fun. But IDK if it is just me, or the explanations in freecodecamp about MongoDB are really confusing and hard to follow.

Link to the challenge:

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Explanations in FCC are frequently difficult. The D3 challenges were difficult for me even though I already did more with D3 on my own. The key was to do it while passing the test. I think that FCC isn’t supposed to be used by itself. Students are supposed to search out and read other materials to get background knowledge to fully understand subjects.


@tlc35us is right, I’m currently working on the mongoose challenges, and I have to constantly read the mongoose docs, and sometimes I use stack overflow as well. It can be hard, but its a good way to go about things because as a professional dev you’ll be having to look stuff up all the time.

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I’m starting to feel that I am better off without the chapter, even Mongoose docummentation is easier. I just stick to it because I think it woul not be good to break the global flow, but for me.

I was doing D3 exercises so I’d be able to get the certificate. Was already very capable otherwise. Depends on your goal.


No it’s not just you. These challenges are doable though and the projects will help you to connect with the material. I must add that I have several years of experience with js. If I were new to this, I would have experienced them very differently. There must still be some despairing posts of me floating around on the forum somewhere. God, it was awful, those first node and express projects (done with the previous curriculum). Never have I felt such misery and despair.
I also believe one is supposed to use these challenges as a starting point. Looking up material is part of a developer’s job.
The next section is worse still. You will basically be copying weird code into more weird code and this time there won’t be much explanation. Just grit your teeth, and get it done. Again, the projects help you to connect with the material and there are free mongodb courses available. I believe a certain stubborness is part of any programmer’s psychological make-up. And the capacity to communicate and ask for help of course.



:grin: :grin: Same feeling here!

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