Is it necessary for a Startup Tech Founder to Learn Programming?

Hi Guys,

Am an entrepreneur and tech founder. I have never really built a product myself for over 5yrs being a founder but have hired developers to do so. Right now i want to learn some programming languages and fully immerse myself into the space, what do you suggest? is this a good move?

It’s never a bad idea to learn some of the skills you’re hiring others to do, being on Codecademy I would suggest going through curriculum.

What to learn is honestly just based on what you’re interested in. Are you interested in how they’re making the website look? Focus on the front end.

Interested in what makes the website run and the databases that go into the website? Aim for the backend.

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is strongly recommended, even if you don`t touch any line of code you should get familiar with the complexity of certain things or the development times and a lot of stuff of the regular work. This will improve strongly your communication with your employees and make your expectations about his work more realistic.

Also knowing at least a bit of the technologies in which your tech company is build will give you more tools and different viewpoints about innovation


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I can relate to the perspective of which your advice is coming from. This will really improve working relationship with people i hire, manage expectation as well as innovation. I appreciate the advice @jesusMAes

Yeah @That_Guy_JamesT i agree with you, its never a bad idea to learn some of the languages used on your products.

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