Is it necessary to complete all Advanced Algorithm Scripting Challenges?

There is not * sign present in them, so does that means I can skip them? Will I be eligible to claim my front end dev certificate?

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Hey, not sure about that. On my map they do have an asterisk.

I’m pretty sure they are not required. Mine has asterisks after those that I’ve completed.

Yes, after competition, the individual challenge show the asterisk sign…

The * indicates a required challenge that is required for the certification. All the rest that are complete will have an * added to them automatically.

It is absolutely worth it. It will drive your JS skills 100% up. It takes a while and you get stuck but you will be better developer once you get it done. I really took time with it took me maybe 2 months to finish it but I learned so much. It makes you look a little bit deeper under the hood of JS engine and really understand how closures work, when to use recursion, in what format to store data, you will understand objects better and prototypal inheritance, how to take advantage of functional programming. You will be more confident about your skills once you get it done.

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