Is it necessary to fork Replit for Python Challenges?

As a camper, I’m starting the Mean-Variance-Standard Deviation Calculator challenge. The third paragraph on the page says, “You can access the full project description and starter code on Replit. After going to that link, fork the project.”

When I click the link, it’s not obvious how to fork the project. In fact, it appears that the project has already been forked because it appears in my account as a repl. (I later saw that I could fork a repl that exists on my dashboard.)

So, is it necessary to fork the project? If not, should I submit this as an issue?

Thank you!


Welcome there,

No, it is not necessary. You can complete the project in the REPL created.

However, if you want to make use of version control in Replit (or otherwise), then you will need to fork the boilerplate repository.

I would not say there is an issue, but the wording is not entirely clear. So, if you have a better way to phrase it, then, by all means, create a new issue.

Thanks for the quick reply, Sky020! If I can think of better wording, I’ll create a new issue.


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