Is it necessary to fulfill the user stories of every project?

hello everybody , i just want to know if it is necessary to pass the test when done with a project , or is it enough if the app works perfectly ? i need to skip them because i’m building a more complex app than the one requested in the user stories .

Hrmm…well, user stores are the MVP (minimum valuable product) of a project…any project. If you do not fulfill the basic requirements, then it does not work perfectly.

But yeah, if you dont have time to finish a project and working on something else, then you can def go back and complete them afterwards.

If you want to submit it as project for the certificate then yes, you need to pass all user stories. can you have a version for the certificate on codepen or something separate from the bigger project you are building?

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Ah ha! I just got what you meant after reading @ilenia comment…so you are building out the FCC projects into something more complex. Yeah, actually Ive done that same thing suggested…I have the FCC projects that fulfil the requirements on codepen to validate the tests with, and then moved forward with complexity and hosted the expanded project elsewhere.

alright that makes sense . that’s what i’m gonna be doing then . thanks for the response .