Is it necessary to learn JavaScript before learning PHP?

Hello, fellow campers,

Is it necessary to learn JavaScript before learning PHP?

I do not see any reason why one language would be a prerequsite for the other.

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They have nothing to do with one another, so short answer is no.

I mean, PHP will traditionally generate HTML forms/pages, and JS is traditionally used for manipulating HTML pages, so in that way I suppose they are linked, but you could say that about basically any language that has a web framework + JS (so basically any language + JS)

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Thanks @DanCouper and @JeremyLT for your quick reply.

Could you suggest any free video or any resources?

Hi @codely!

FCC has a video on PHP

A word of caution

Within a short time span you have asked about learning javascript, c, python and now php.

I think it is great that you are interested in learning many programming languages. But trying to learn them all at once in a short time frame will lead to gaps in education and basic syntax errors as evident in our C discussion from a week ago.

There is plenty of time to learn different languages. So there is no benefit to learn them all at once in a short time frame.

Happy coding!

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I didn’t learn anything from which i asked the fourm!.

I am learning only JS as i am on that part in Curriculum.

Sure, I get it.

It was just a mere observation.

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Yep. One language at a time is best. Slow is fast. Rushing to learn 3, 4, or more languages at once will significantly impeede your learning and slow down your progression towards understanding.


And also I have to remember that everyone on the forum is in different seasons in their life.

For me, I only plan on learning a new language if it is required for a new project or job. So I currently don’t have a desire to look at other languages unless it is necessary.

But if I were in high school, I would probably have the curiosity to discover different languages and see which languages I liked and go from there.

So, you could also look into brad traversy’s channel. He has a lot of videos on web dev and he might have one for php

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