Is it necessary to memorize everythig whilee going through FCC map?

It is difficult to memorize each and every function and different things while going ahead. To solve every challenge, I refer to mozilla developers and go back to old checkpoints, refresh my concepts and come back to solve the problem. Is it ok or I have to memorize them all? My progress is 253 brownies.

No developer memorizes absolutely everything, but you’ll naturally pick up the most important stuff as you progress (though, I have been doing this for a while, and I still can’t keep array.splice() and array.slice() straight in my head). Documentation will always be your best friend, and it’s an important skill for developers to learn how to read and write documentation. For convenience, I keep DevDocs open at all times.


I wonder about this myself.

Until recently, my thinking was that it’s more important to understand how a function works and how or when to use it appropriately but no need to memorize it. With the Internet at your fingertips, you can always look up the syntax whenever you want to use it. Of course, if you’re constantly using the same ones over and over again, you’ll know them by heart pretty quickly without even trying.

OTOH, I’ve read people stories about going on interviews and having to do something without access to any type of reference. If I had to do that in an interview, I’m not sure I’d remember everything I need to pass.

I still don’t go out of my way to actively memorize functions or methods but I suppose if I had an interview coming up, then I might try to memorize the most common things I use.