Is it Necessary to Take Written Notes?

Just started FCC. I am taking written notes which are helpful, but slowing me down considerably. Anyone know if FCC should be completed slowly with notes or quickly without note (the exercises questions being enough to retain the material)? Thank you. Paul

If notes are helpful, I’d use them. They aren’t required, but it’s all about who helps you learn.

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Taking notes helps you organize your thought process. Trains your muscle memory to help with recall, at least a gazillion studies say so.

In the coding exercises, I recommend taking notes in either pseudocode or boxes-and-arrows diagrams or both.


Hey pcbarone!

First off, welcome to the forum and FCC. It’s the best community of learners I’ve found and I’ve had a great experience here.

To answer your question, I worked through the tutorials fairly quickly WITHOUT taking notes. It seems they are designed to be ‘bite-sized’(breaking the concepts up into small pieces) and for quickly jumping in and out (the progress bar and lesson menu).

The interesting part of your question for me is “enough to retain the material”. It’s kind of difficutlt to retain the syntax and details in my experience IF i don’t write down notes. It takes practice to learn - by heart or memory - all those {, [ , ;, < and >. Not mention, =>, (), reduce, …, etc. etc.

Just like with learning any language, it takes dedicated, disciplined time to learn and practice. Learning is what we do in the lessons, and practice, I guess, is what we do on the ‘projects’ (here on FCC and on our own).

Ok, so written notes - the act of writing the notes down, might help you learn. For instance, I like to and I think it helps me retain info when I type out the lesson syntax, instead of copy / paste. You might find that is enough. Or, you might like to write ‘long hand’ or with a pencil and paper, Or colored pencils or something else. Whatever works.

As far as practice is concerned, when we make projects, it frustrates me to slow down and look up everything, especially when I think I have already learned that or I am trying to go to fast and make spelling or easy syntax mistakes.

Anyway - I hope this helps and welcome to the forum!

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