Is it normal to not grasp certain concepts right away?

I have reached a couple exercises lately where I have to go to the forums to resolve and even with the hints I struggle, then I go to see the solution and usually I was pretty close. Thing is I’m starting to reach a level where I can’t really understand that well how a couple things work and why something happened a certain way. Just hoping someone can share some advice on how to go about these situations.
Also where can I give feedback on certain levels? I have encountered a wording mistake on a level that left me stumbled for a while before realizing what was wrong. Thanks and sorry if I posted this in the wrong section or the question isn’t appropriate.

In answer to your title question: yes, of course.

I recommend trying to work through things you don’t understand by asking questions and engaging with other campers above using the “hints” section. We try to nudge you in the right direction so that you get to work it out on your own (a much more effective way to learn than reading) and of course we can address questions or confusions that you have as they come up in as much depth as you like.

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Thank you ArielLeslie the possible wording error I was reffering to was on the Local Scope and Functions lesson of javascript where the requirement is no global variable but it seemed to only work with a global variable, but it seems my mind tricked me yesterday from stress and overwork.
I do think some exercises could use some different wording or exercises as I would understand everything but just didn’t understand what I was doing wrong, so I would go to the forums and see other people with the same problems.
Not complaining love the course just trying to give some feedback, thanks once again for the answer and the great service. (Don’t worry about a reply and feel free to close this topic)
Take care!

If there is ever an exercise that you feel has incorrect or misleading wording, you can create a GitHub Issue suggesting improved phrasing. It might be a good idea to discuss it on the forum first to make sure that you are understanding the intent of the challenge.

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thanks for the suggestion and yeah that’s usually the case lol