Is it OK if I diverge from some user stories in Front End Development Libraries projects?

In the Front End Development Libraries projects is it OK if I don’t exactly follow the user stories and have all tests passing?

For example, one of the projects is to build a Markdown previewer, I built one, but the editor doesn’t use a textarea for input which is one of the user stories. Instead I used Monaco editor which doesn’t use a textarea.

My project works fine, it just ignores some of these details.

Would this cause any issue later if I submit my project like this?

If it doesn’t pass ALL of the tests, it doesn’t count as a certification project. If it passes all of the tests, it counts.

Do the project link I submit as solution must have the FCC test suite available and working?

For me CodePen is not very good, so I was using CodeSandbox, which doesn’t support FCC test suite.
Another option is Stackblitz which does accept FCC test suite, but is slower.

You need to submit with proof that is passes, yes.

You can host a different, expanded version of your project on a different platform if you like.

If you have some cool ideas and you want to build the project in a different way, then it can be really cool to split it into two projects.

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I will submit solutions hosted on StackBlitz then if it’s OK.

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