Is it okay to post my resume here for feedback?

I’m going to need to hit the job search pretty hard sometime soon, was just recently laid off from a temporary dev job. I don’t really know a whole lot of technical people to have look over my resume, was just wondering If this is a good place to post for some feedback? Edit: Here it is! I guess feel free then to post your resumes as well if you are looking for feedback…


Yeah its cool to post your resume.

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Here are some websites listing remote dev jobs.


Um if that’s your resume it’s way too small for anyone to read, and you should post an image that’s at least twice the size of that, but a link to the document would be better.

Hello Nicholas, I really like the format of your resume. I noticed that you have a bullet point starting with “Responsible for…”. From what I have read in blog posts, this is frowned upon by recruiters. They want to know what you achieved, not what you were responsible for.

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I would try to include more numbers in your experience section - measuring the impact of what you did, and not simply your daily tasks, although that is a good start. Also, include links to your projects, and attach hyperlinks (you can do this in Word/PDF) to them.

The extracurricular section may not be necessary and you could instead expand upon the projects instead or include more from your recent dev job. Just make sure to tailor your resume to the job’s needs, and if you’re applying for front-end dev jobs, then your resume looks good!

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I definitely wouldn’t post my personal email address and phone number on a public forum, but that’s just me.