Is it okay to skip the ES6 part and go to basic data structures part?

I felt that I havn’t even mastered the basic syntax of javascript…
If I skip the ES6 part of the quest, and learn it later, am I still be able to do all the data structure quest?

Why don’t you try it and come back if the exercise requires you to use ES6, I doubt it will because ES6 is mostly syntactic sugar and has nothing to do with data structure. (It will make more concise and readable code though)

As long as you are comfortable with using variable, function, and loop, you won’t have trouble

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i see, thanks!!!
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Mastered might be an extreme word but if you really feel you haven’t grasped basic Javascript this might indicate you are going through the challenges too fast.

Taking in some good reads on introductory Javascript and / or exploring the MDN might be a better use of your time. If you are more hands-on, then playing with code in CodePen (or or environment of choice) also might be time well spent.

You could skip to another section but your solutions will be less elegant and you may find yourself reaching out for help more frequently to complete the challenges.

Ultimately the goal is to learn web development, not finish the challenges in record time. Unless you are on a strict timeline I would suggest expanding on each challenge until you feel that you truly know the material before moving on to the next.

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