Is it okay to use 50 to 6o meta tag in a webpage?

Recently I learnt about meta tag on HTML. But I discovered that there are approximately 15-20 meta tags available in HTML. There are some other kinds of meta tags which are called Open Graph protocol. Also, Twitter has its own version of meta tags called twitter card.

I can use hundreds of meta tags on a webpage to cover many situations. There are different variation of meta tags for different social media websites. My question is that “is it healthy to use so many meta tags”?

If I use 10 general meta tags, 10 open graph meta tag, 5 twitter meta tag and some other custom meta tags, my head section of html is going to be containing over 25-30 meta tags. It causes html file size to be larger. I am sharing with you a gist which contains a list of various meta tags. Here is the GIST

So what’s the solution. Should I use these 25-30 meta tags on every html page? Is there any other tools for using meta tags more efficiently? Please let me know.

I would say “yes” it’s ok to use as many as you like, but as you touched on, you need to use what is required / relevant to your website.
For example, there is no point adding 10 meta tags for Internet Explorer as very little to no usage, so you could reduce code bloat by simply not adding it.
But for Open Graph, this can be incredibly useful in different scenarios, so you might wish to add those meta tags.
Only add what you actually need - not because you can use the entire list.