Is it possible in 5 months?

Hello everyone,so ive pretty much been putting off this question for a while so i dont have to face the truth if it is indeed so.(you can pretty much skip to end last few sentence’s from here.)

So ive started the journey to web development mainly because last year i applied to a college in my country and was accepted into the computer science program with the 3rd highest score of over 600 applicants(was mostly logic and math test).But i couldnt afford it and cant get a loan since a lazy family member wasted her years in college and has debts and we share the same address, so the opportunity slipped by and depression slipped in,im 23 most people my age are done with college not starting it and jobs pretty much pay you enough to come to work and eat.Earlier this month i got another letter of acceptance from this college because well the professor liked me so this is pretty much my last shot at this dont think they will give me a third acceptance,so this month I brushed off the depression threw away my addictions literally 500+gb of games,videos and well you can guess what a 23yr old would have alot of and im trying to completely dedicate myself to this I vow to put in around 6-7hrs a day learning what I can ive been doing 3hrs a day but that wont cut it.

So what im really asking is, is it possible to learn frontend dev and make around 4k usd by the end of august for college if I put in 7hrs a day learning and coding and freelance work?and can you show me some good source’s especially on page design.


Anything is possible. Just go for it. Instead of wide breadth but shallow learning, go deep in mastery of a few subjects.

I’d suggest concentrate on these areas:
a CSS transpiler/compiler like LESS or SCSS
a CSS Framework like Bootstrap
a Javascript framework, like Angular (or React)

-Read the actual docs on the Bootstrap and Angular website. Don’t just rely on fCC. Same with Javascript, read the Mozilla Docs during your “downtime”

These few items will be enough to get you to take on some non-database freelance work, and a front end developer job.


I’m not sure what kind of answer you’re expecting, exactly, but we can do some math. There are 107 day between now and August 31. If we put an upper limit at 8 hours per day, and assuming your performance is constant on each day, then we have 856 total hours in which to learn a new skill well enough to make money at it, get a job and make $4k total.

Right off the bat, we can ask how much money would you need to earn per hour to save $4k in 107 days. 4000/(107*8) = 4.67 dollars per hour. There’s our bottom line.

But since you won’t be a working developer for a while, we need to think about how long you’ll have to account for learning and job searching. The basic front end cert is estimated to take about 800 hours, which is 100, 8 hour days. I happen to think that 800 hours is a little low for an estimate, but we’ll assume you’re an information sponge, unhindered by even biology or physics and you get the certificate, learning everything well enough to be employable, in 800 hours. That would leave you 7 hours to get a job and make $4k. Don’t forget that we’re here to do math, and that comes out to 4000/7 = 571.43 dollars per hour. Things aren’t looking good here.

Let’s be really optimistic. You’re not going to dedicate 7, or even 8 hours per day to this. You’re going to give it 16 hours each day, 5 days per week. Than, you could have the certificate in 800/16 = 50 days. You now have substantially more days in which to work, 57 to be exact. Now, in order to reach your goal, you only need to make 4000/57/8 = 8.77 dollars per hour. I don’t think a developer should charge less than $24 per hour (about $49,000/year), so you could, theoretically, make the money, but you can’t spend much time looking for work, and you’ll have to account for taxes and other expenses.

There’s another way to look at this. Solving the inequality 24 ≤ 4000/(X*8) tells us the number of days you’d have to work at $24 per hour in order to get your money: 21. 107 days less 21 is 86, which is how long you have to learn everything and get work. Recall that at 16 hours per day, you’d only need 50 days to complete the front end certificate, so 86 days means you can spend less time each day on it, and even allow yourself time to find work. Things are looking better!

But let’s be realistic. You’re talking about 800 hours of intense instruction, and then somehow getting enough freelance work to earn $4k, all in just over 4 months. It’s possible, but is this likely? No.

Just do it, though. What do you have to lose by trying?


My goodness, the OP is already down and depressed and needs all the encouragement he can get… and you go on and on and on, about how he can’t make it.

What do you have to lose by just giving him verbal encouragement?


My chance at a decent future is what i have to lose
But thank you for your honesty

Its more of 1000 by end of august and 3000 before january but i think i got my answer

Don’t be overdramatic. You’re 23. All you have is a future. Understand that this program, and programming in general, isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s a career choice, and one that requires a significant time investment. Aside from that, freelancing is brutal and people with years of experience can have a hard time getting work. FreeCodeCamp isn’t an offer that closes, though, and you’re always welcome to come learn how to program for free. Your efforts would almost certainly result in gainful employment, just not in the timeframe you’re wanting.

Do the math, though. If college is the lynchpin for the rest of your existence (spoiler alert: it isn’t, but it’s not a bad investment), then keep in mind that $4k in 8 or even 4 months isn’t difficult to get - you just need a job that pays more than $4.67/hour for 40 hours per week. You could get a part time job that pays more than minimum wage and still have time to learn online which would put you ahead of many of your classmates.



oh no dont get it wrong i really did appreciate the honesty and im aware that its a career and not something you pick up and become a millionaire in a week thats like saying I can train for 3 weeks then beat up mayweather, before I started even the first exercise I was able to see that you can never fully learn programming as there is always more to learn and more different ways to use what you already know.
But im still going to try and do it in 5months or less though and its even more necessary now to prove to myself that its possible because I heard no,and yeah I have a grim view of my future as thats what my environment promotes unemployment among youth is crazy and the average that we earn a day without a degree is around $12 usd and around $9 goes to transportation and food.
But honestly thanks to the both of you that replied I appreciate it

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OP is planning his future and asking for serious advice, not pep talk. If his current plan is not realistic then it makes much more sense to give it to him straight (so that he can make a better plan) instead of faking encouragement.


Welcome to the fastfood industry.

Not as a career, just to get the money you need.
4 months should be enough to get that.

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Ashanie, it’s very possible to learn frontend and get a job, if ENTRY level jobs are available in your area, in a month or two. Since you scored so high, learn enough to throw a portfolio together, show your portfolio and talk to professor. If the professor believes in you, they can possibly help you with a job or internship. At 5-7 hours a day for 2 weeks, it’s sounds like you can accomplish this. The recommended hours for each section does not mean it takes that long. Placing 3rd out of 600 applicants is quite an accomplishment. Map out how you want portfolio to be and build it as you go through each exercise. Practice is important and this will do that. You would be surprised what you can do.

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As another person suggested, I think finding a “fast-food” job or something similar would be really beneficial (restaurants, retail, etc).

Even at minimum $10 an hour, working just 4 hours a day on average each day through 107 days is $40/day over $4000 in total. Imagine you got up at like 10, did a lunch shift for 4 hours, and then if you want to dedicate yourself to learning frontend, you have a ton of time to do that without the pressure of having to find a freelance job or mastering a bunch of skills in a low timeframe.

I think you might be better off right now if you just concentrate on getting the money you need. Can you try some other ways to make money? For example, there are some online jobs that pay people to test websites. Try to find some honest work like that where you can earn the money quickly. I think you will not realistically learn enough in about two months to be a freelancer. You need to start right now earning money somehow. Save your money. Good luck in college!

Change your focus and really work hard. When you become skilled at web development, you’ll find a job. By focusing on the 5 months, if you don’t meet your goals you may slide back into a depression. Your life cannot be over at 23 years old. You will still have opportunities. You must stay focused and exert yourself. Your goal should be gaining and proving your competence and skill in web development. It could take more or less time than 5 months. Also FCC provides an outline of what you should know to be a developer. Search out other sources on the web to learn the concepts more in depth. And put together projects. Projects will show your skill and help you get hired. That is what I am working on. I am older than you and changing professions. You will only fail if you give up and stop working at it.