Is it possible to change the solution links?

Do you know how to change the links of the solution under the responsive web design project. I already clicked ‘I’ve completed this challenge’, but I accidentally used a wrong link. Now I can’t to paste any new one. Remains first.

try going to the settings, there you should be able to change them I think

This is how I tried, unfortunately after pasting the new link ‘loading bar’ (0% - 100%) stops in the middle and nothing further happens

there is not a loading bar
but there is a modal that show your progress in the section

Update: Is it possible to un-claim the certificate or change the solution links?
You need to go to the page where you submitted the link, paste the new link, then click “I’ve completed the challenge” and “Submit and go to the next challenge”.

I also cannot change the solutions links after getting the certificate. I didn’t know how CodePen works, so I just pasted empty CodePen pages, thinking it should autosave, now my solutions link to the same empty CodePen page.

if you submit new links, do they change in the settings?

otherwise you can also reset your progress in the settings. as you just need the projects to claim a certificate, you can just submit the links to those and claim the certificate after that.

Yes, they change in the settings for me, I’ve just successfully changed the links to the right ones

pls share the video or methods to change the codepen link

go to the page with the description of the project, put the new link in the field, and use the “I’ve completed the challenge” and then “Submit” buttons