Is It Possible to Do Relational Database Course Using Windows?

Good morning.

Title. I’m on a Windows, and was wondering, since the course used Bash, if I would need to use a Mac to do the course or if there was a way to do it on my Windows computer.

Thank you.

Yes, but software installation and bash commands may differ.

There is a way to “install Linux on windows” via WSL

WSL is pretty useful, but could cause other problems depending on system compatibility.

Depending on how comfortable you are on debugging your own setups, following a Linux based course might or might not be wise. You might end up “fighting your machine” more than following along with the course.

I’d recommend going with the course, but if you start feeling “uncomfortable” as you can’t follow it directly, then I’d maybe look for another course that uses a different system, or is system agnostic (would use a database in the cloud for example).

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

The course is run inside a virtual environment in your browser. You don’t need any particular system.

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