Is it possible to erase content?

I’ve been off of free code camp for a while, and I hate to say it, but I’ve forgotten pretty much everything. I don’t remember how to go through and do even the basics. I’d like to pick it back up again, and work my way through from the beginning. But is there a way to erase the progress I have up to this point? Or would I have to create a new account if I really wanted that?

On a different note, how do you remember everything? what helps you keep everything straight in your head? Do you take notes? Is there a way to practice basic skills (like html and css even) without having to build a fullon website?

Many thanks to any and all help.

it used to be… I know because i did it.

but for the life of me I can’t find the setting now. Maybe they removed it.

You could try deleting your cookies for this site. That should, I think, maybe, clear the data from your lesson.

Failing that you could alwayts reset your solutions on page load.

How do i remember things?

well thats pretty simple for me because I solve nearly everything with a loop in the challenges so far :slight_smile:,. In actual fact i remembered hardly any of it, I kept having to go out on the internet to check syntax and methods during the front end development pojects i’ve done so far… however that is no big deal to me because I think the thing that has stuck from the FCC lessons and challenges is the actual mindset to solve every little problem one tiny chunk at a time. Doing so has helped me to produce some work for the projects I didn’t know I had in me.



Welcome back by the way :thumbsup:

There’s actually a pull request that’s in the process of being submitted right now on the repo to add this feature.

It’s passed all the checks and is just waiting to be pulled in. So you should have this ability very soon!

Try going to freeCodeCamp, opening your devconsole, navigating to the “storage” tab, and deleting everything there.

The site will continue to show your current progress, but you’ll be able to do the problems like it was the first time. At least, I think you will. I’ve never tried.

Repetition. You’ll be amazed at how much you retain after the first couple of projects. Don’t be afraid to take notes, but make sure you have them ready for when you start the tribute page. Most importantly, don’t let another huge lapse happen again! It’s better to code for 20 minutes per day, most days of the week, than it is to code for 8 hours one day per week.