Is it possible to get a job & a working permit in an EU county without having a college degree or experience but a portfolio?

Hello everyone. I know my expectation looks more than a little bit extravagance in the first glance, but allow me to explain myself first :slight_smile:

I know similar questions are asked and in quora (I can’t include the links yet due to my level) and in several other places but none of them really address my situation precisely.

I currently live in Turkey, and am 27 years old. I graduated from a law school, became a lawyer and currently running my own law firm. I have a Master’s degree in IT-Law from Leibniz University of Hannover. It is called LL. M. in the legal community.

I want to start a new carreer in software engineering. The reason is irrelevant, and in order to get to the point I will skip it for now, but i can explain in comments if you guys think it is relevant.

I have experience in C as I studied it for olympiads in informatics. Thus, without any exaggeration I can say that I am really good at algorithms for a newbie. (For referance, even the hardest questions in websites like algoexpert. io is just a piece of cake, provided that I am allowed to do it in C. ). However, I am aware that my skills in algorithms are not going to help me to find my first job by themselves.

For the past month I have been learning C#, WPF and some SQL. Completely from internet tutorials. I’ve exhausted 3 or 4 complete tutorials in C#, from start to end. (it was really hard for me to go in sync as they didn’t follow the same syllabus.) I think I am doing quite well . I understand almost everything they told, check other sources for the parts I couldn’t understand and practice it right after the lectures, and also in weekly basis. If it goes so I might be able to creaate my portfolio in a few months.

I also created some websites, so I know HTML and CSS . (Although in my humble opinion there isn’t too much to know about them in comparison to real programming languages). I also work on javascript on the side, when I am bored by . Net.

I am willing and motivated to improve myself in .net (and in other frameworks afterwards, if that’s what it takes) and create an outstanding portfolio,

Until today, I didn’t really focus on that, i rather focused on getting a job, which usually requires a portfolio (best fit for me) but now that I think of it, I don’t have a working permit!
1- So, would the working permit be a massive obstacle in my way if I were to find a job by creating a good portfolio?
2- Should I rather worry about finding the job (and after that the working permit is not a huge deal)?
3- Should it be really, really hard to acquire either a job or a visa, having neither the experience nor the degree? If so, what would you recommend me?
4- Am I underestimating skills in algorithms for seeking a job? If so, can you illustrate how can I impressively show my algorithm skills off in my portfolio?

P.s for question 3: I am not trying to avoid any hardwork, but am trying to avoid spending more and more time before even getting my first job in software engineering. Thus, getting a new degree and potentially spending 3 or 4 years for it seems to be the last resort for me, coming after bootcamps and online schools. But i can even do that if that’s the only reasonable option.
Thanks in advance for reading my long post :slight_smile:

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