Is it possible to get a job in Silicon Valley

I think I can speak for some people here when I say I have been frustrated with my career and want a lot of challenge, and what better way than to get a job at the heart of tech. I say this because I live in a midsize city in Canada but there are barely any opportunities for a junior web dev, let alone fulfilling my drive to learn from great mentors and be surrounded by the smartest of people. There are barely any meetups here regarding web dev (think once a month, and it even gets cancelled some months). Not a lot of IT goings-on in general. I am also looking at Seattle for opportunities.

My question is, is it even possible or is that a pipe dream? What do y’all think? What about NYC?

Not sure what part of Canada you are in, have you considered relocating? If so, you might want to check out the following.

I obviously don’t know the exact numbers but I read multiple articles like this. Toronto has quite a few jobs, Vancouver as well. Still tough to crack, but the jobs are by no means in short supply here. As someone who lives just outside Toronto, I easily see 20-30 new postings a day of various skill levels. Also check out the article below.

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I’m in the TO area and I can vouch for this. Lots of jobs here! Come on over!

Really? I m thinking about moving too. Canada is a the top of my list because of work visas possibilities for me. How do the offers fare compared to medium-small Us cities?

I don’t know about salary comparisons. TO is an expensive place to live too. You can try researching specific companies on glassdoor…

So, salaries obviously very from place to place. Most juniors aren’t getting starting salaries like you would in lets say NYC or Cali. However, I do have quite a few friends working in the Toronto market, one in particular started 2 years ago. He started around 55k and has since doubles his salary. Not bad for two years. I live a little outside Toronto, and the salaries here are pretty comparable with experience to the rest of the GTA. Cost of living in downtown TO isnt cheap though. So even if i ever worked there, I wouldn’t live there lol

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That’s the thing - if I were to move might as well move to somewhere I can get the most money. I have read so much about how big the difference is between Canada and US webdev pay. I am very much looking into Vancouver and Toronto, as well. :frowning: