Is it possible to get the iframe to be of an irregular shape?

No way??

Is it possible to get the iframe to be of an irregular shape, I am not talking about it be oval or the other shapes available but a shape like the image below, there is an iframe that is going to fit another iframe inside.
it’s like I want that iframe to have an empty space that’s not going to contain anything:
Then this iframe is going to be resizable, it’s not necessary that iframe is also resizable.

I didn’t get what you mean.
You want the red box always stay the same size even when resize the black box?
If so, just set a fixed width to the red box.

It’s not just a red or black box, it’s an iframe.
As an alternative I could divide the iframe but I’ve read it’s not good practice.

Oh I overlook that.
Well, an iframe is a window to a completely different page. A stylesheet only applies to the page to which it is applied.
So you will not be able to select & style the elements in the document loaded inside the iframe.

I didn’t want to style the content inside of the iframe but the frame of the iframe

Can you show your example code? If just to style an iframe, it’s completely the same as a normal element.

We are talking about cutting off a part of the iframe because not necessary, index-z is not an option.

If I understand it right, you have 2 independent iframes, and you want 1 of them looks like it’s inside the other one?

The function of the red square is to work as a button that opens a collapse.
That’s a really hard concept to explain… :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:
Right I was trying to cut the iframe, would you suggest me to that as an alternative?