Is it possible to organize repositories into groups or prehaps nested groups

Hi, i wonder if it is possible to create folders in github so i can organize my repositories?

Maps? Like Google maps?

I meant folders in for example in windows.

Yes very easily…

Click on “create new file” and type your foldername, fe. “mynewfolder/”, then create a or whatever file you want in your new folder.

GitHub doesn’t care where you store the code for a repo as long as the code for a particular repo is in a folder, and that folder has a .git/ folder in it (that you get when you initialise a bit project). Those folders can be anywhere on your or anyone elses computer, it’s irrelevant. If you want to organise your stuff like

  |_ Project_1
  |_ Project_2
  |_ Special_Projects
    |_ Special_Project_1

On your computer, fine, git doesn’t mandate how you do that. And GitHub is just a central location for storing your repos, it doesn’t care either

Sorry, i think i have confused you guys, what i actually ment was if it is possible to organize repositiories by making grupps in github. For example i want to put all my front-end (CSS & React) project and assignments in one group and inside that i have two groups one for CSS and another one for React.

      | |_css-project-1 
      | |_css-project-2

No, that’s not how GitHub works - it works as I described. It’s just a flat storage for repositories, it’s not a filesystem.