Is it possible to show the full code in challenges?

Hello contributors,

As I have worked through the course, I have found the course to be very well presented and executed.

The one thing that creates some confusion for me and maybe others is when trying to complete challenges beyond the FCC coding environment; all of that essential and fundamental hidden code in the FCC environment is still unknown to the learner when they try to practice away from FCC.

This has particularly been the case in the React section in which imports are required and ReactDOM renders need to be coded with <Component />, and now on the React: Compose React Components challenge, it states that the two components are being added behind the scenes, so how does the learner know how they are coded or function in a live coding environment?

I realise that in some cases simplicity and some hand holding aids learning, but when certain parts of a program are essential for it to function in a real coding environment, I think they should not be hidden.

Is it possible to have a revealable section in the coding environment that can expand to display the boilerplate/hidden code?


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I believe the new project-based curriculum currently being developed will address this issue due to the very nature of how the projects are built from the ground up.

However, I do not see this kind of feature being added to the current version of the curriculum any time soon.

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Wonderful. Iā€™m excited about that. Thank you, Randell.