Is it possible to write javascript to auto fill in

Popup Login
May I know what is this Pop up at the top of the webpage call?

Also, is it possible to write javascript to auto fill in the username and password?


Not sure what you’re asking here. It’s usually called a “prompt”. This might be the built-in HTTP auth popup (I forget what they look like in Chrome), but it could be Heroku’s own thing, it’s hard to tell.

Generally speaking, no. If JS could auto-fill the password, it could also steal it. It can be done with a browser extension, since those can have unlimited privileges, but it’s not exactly trivial. I recommend using a password manager to autofill passwords – I personally use LastPass.

It also worth noting that built-in prompts will block execution of the script, so at that point script cannot do anything to the prompt.

I’ve never tried built-in prompts with LastPass, but I would guess that it might be a problematic for password manager to inject values to it… :man_shrugging:

I had to do with one of those

the browser password manager can fill it (would that work for you @Vokofe ?)

I don’t know about an extension

LastPass doesn’t support the builtin prompts – likely Chrome doesn’t give extensions any access to them. In those rare cases I just let the browser remember them. I’ve only got one project that even uses HTTP auth. The UX for HTTP auth is sub-par to say the least.

No worries.

Thank you all for your respond.

Case Closed