Is it possible!

Hey myself Vishwajeet, from India. I just completed my high school this year, and now i cant afford to go to college. i started coding with freecodecamp about a month ago, and i have already completed Responisve web design part, i am looking forward to complete the whole curriculum in this year( i am already giving 5-6 hours to coding), do you guys think after a year i would be able to get a job somewhere in Europe or us (my childhood dream places) without a degree… is it possibe!

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HI @vishwajeetsingh20005 !

This question comes up a lot in the forum.

I would highly suggest researching the other discussions in the Career Advice section about what it will take to get a job.

You will need to research how to put together a resume, what projects should go into your portfolio, what the job process will look like.

From what I have read and seen , it varies from person to person.

In my opinion, the best thing you can do is learn about the job process, constantly build projects and get involved with the developer community so you can make connections.

Hope that helps!


I can give you few advices about getting programming job in Europe. I currently live in Slovakia, Bratislava. i’m Slovak, but come from other country (Serbia). I noticed that there are a lot of people from India coming here to work, most of them are in IT companies like IBM and At&t. It’s because these companies are international and english speaking. Developers and programmers are needed here, and the pay very good for Standard of living here. Slovakia is in EU and is close to austria, czechia if you live in Bratislava. Not much traffic and people, compared to other cities. almost non pollution.

So yes, it’s possible, my sister met one guy who came from India to work to AT&T, he is now here maybe 2-3 years.

thanks a lot man for the insights, i would definitely apply over there once i am ready for a job, and maybe we could meet someday.
Anyways sending good wishes for you and your career :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Another positive side is that there are swiss, german and austrian companies, and they tend to give higher salaries.

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dude, are you on instagram??

Yea i have it, but i don’t use that much. Only for browsing content, nothing social.

oh, its okay, i just wanted to get into contact with you…

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