Is it Really necessary to follow all the courses on FCC seqentially?

Hi ,
I want to know that if i want to learn ReactJS from FCC , Do i need to learn all the things sequentially , i.e. Responsive Web Design -> JS certification -> Front end libraries.
or i should directly jump to React in front end libraries?

(P.S i am NOOB in React)

are you confortable with HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

it is recommended to do the courses in order, but not mandatory

anyway, to get a certificate you need to do the five projects, not all challenges - if you have doubts about your html, css and javascript proficiency, ou can see how you manage with the projects of the first two certs

Should I complete all of the coding challenges in order?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how we introduce concepts. But you’re free to jump around.

Thanks Buddy :black_heart:.
I know basics and currently doing JS certification course.