Is it really possible to become a developer with no real job experience?

Hey there,

I am just curious, with a good portfolio and the right mindset of wanting to become a developer, is it possible? Right now, I am working a dead-end job and devoting my free time to learning web development, as well as taking courses in college. If I can prove myself with my personal work and what little experience I have done for a company with code, is it possible to get a job in the programming field?


People are always writing about their success stories on here about having no experience 6 months ago to having their first developer job. Just be wary of your market so that you don’t generate high expectations.

Sorry, what do you mean by don’t generate high expectations?

And just as an edit, I live in a bigger metro area. Not quite as big as Chicago, but close. So personally, I believe there would be opportunities out there. What does everyone think?

That is what I mean. If the area you live in is too small or too large, it can generate too much or too little competition/need for this type of work.

Funny, I have been learning and coding in web development for about 3 years now and I have been far from getting any web dev job.

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Especially is you’re willing to relocate. I was able to consider jobs anywhere in the US, since I had just got back from China and was willing to relocate anywhere.

My local search was going fine, but the job offer I ended up getting was in Chicago.

I had been coding in my free time for about 20-30 hours/week for about 14 months. At the beginning of that it was a lot of taking notes and working on FCC and Codecademy. The latter 8 month or so was picking something new to learn and using in a project. And I did a Chinghu.

Good luck.