Is it still possible?

I want to be a software developer, but here’s an issue. A few years ago i got arrested for a misdemeanor. Even though I was found not guilty and there was no conviction and my arrest got expunged can I still get a software engineering job or is that not possible now?

@Connor2Kwik Hi, welcome to the forums! Hope you find what your looking for!

I don’t see why you couldn’t still be a software engineer. Having it on your record might make it harder to get thru some automated background checks and possibly affect your ability to get an interview, but its something to explain during the interview as honestly as possible and just go with it.

There are a lot of other factors that make job searching tough so don’t only worry or blame that 1 thing. Focus on what you can change/do and go for it!

Good luck!


So when you it’ll be harder now in other words what you’re saying is that I have no chance now?

Harder doesn’t mean no chance. Never has, never will. Harder just means harder.

Having something on your record is just 1 aspect of your application/background check. There are plenty of other ways to “overcome it”, and you only need to “make it” one time to get a job. After that things become easier as you have some job experience.

and besides not only you saying that basically means its not gonna happen now. That also means getting the arrest expunged was a waste of time also. You really think an employer is gonna care about this? I wasn’t even guilty of the crime, but I cant do anything related to software basically now right?

Yes it’s possible. You’re fine. Just put in the time and effort.

Hi @Connor2Kwik that’s your wake up call. It’s glad you came into FCC and put your time and patient in curriculum and you will be what you dream of.

Yes, you can be a great software engineer. There will be no issue in getting a software engineering job. Numerous online platforms are always looking for software engineers where you can apply. However, in jobs where a background check is required, that might create a bit of difficulty.