Is it still that relevant to put efforts learning code?

With the advent of new technologies like “No-code”, “low code” and several other customized solutions to develop applications, specially when number of firms also adopting such technologies post COVID, is it relevant for me to invest time and energy, which is the bare minimum to be of some use to someone, in learning to code. Please share insights, better if you can share some case studies or factual information to help me decide.

Just for some context, low-code and no-code solutions have existed for decades - people still need developers to do things that require customised approaches.

Often people still need developers even to do stuff readily available as a no code solution.

In short, coding skills are a very long way from becoming irrelevant.

As for what you would focus on…really it depends on what interests you and what your local job market seems to need.


Don’t fall for the marketing hype, whatever those terms means. I guess it depends on you really, are you the type of person that wants to code? it’s a lifetime of chasing your own tail, as soon as you master something to a proficient level, something new appears on the horizon, and you have to start all over again (if you want to remain relevant job-market wise)

I do it because it’s fun. Just like skydiving or snorkelling may be fun to some… or being an Instagram “model” even…


Agreed ignore the hype around these companies. I have a freelance client that came to me with their duck-taped ‘low code’ solution of Zapier, Memberful, Webflow, and 4 other apps. Thing was a nightmare.

And from a business point of view (investor). If you are building a business, the software that powers your business is an ASSET. These ‘low code’ solutions rarely give you an actual valuable asset that you can build and scale a business on. The need for talented and creative software developers isn’t going anywhere. And also, there are other technical jobs that aren’t just software developers. There is a growing trend for markerts, writers, etc to also be more technical now. My last company, I would of killed for account-managers that could run/build their own customer reports. But instead at the end of the quarter they would ask the engineers to run all these custom-reports so they could build decks for their meetings…

The future isn’t just software, but being more technical. And knowing how to code will put you in a different category.


Do you know how “low-code” and “no-code” tools are built? They are coded by programmers.

Sure, the number of things that we can automate will continue to grow, but that means more people with the skills to create sophisticated automation. And, of course, whenever the out-of-the-box solution isn’t acceptable, someone will need to build custom solutions.