Is it true that px is dead?

I looked over an article and it mentioned that px were dead in CSS because of how they do not scale. I tried doing a little search, and it seems that the view is divided. Note that the article was several years old, but it seems that many still say px are dead. I was wondering if this was true? If I should be using em or rem instead of px?

px is still used in many situations.

Hi @colby1 !

You will learn pretty quickly that there is tons of content out there making bold claims about which techniques and tools are dead.

A lot that has to deal with clickbait.
It is an easy way to get someone’s attention.

There are times where you want to use relative units like em and rem and then there are times to use fixed units.

But when people label something as dead, it is a little dramatic in my opinion :grinning:

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Guess I fell for it. I noticed that em and rem are used often with font size

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