Is it worth doing?

Hello fellow campers,

I have a question,

Is worth learning the same topic more than one time?

For Example,

I learned HTML in freeCodeCamp, if i go to codecademy to learn html again.

Does it make any sense?

Thanks and Happy Coding!

Have a great Day

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only if the first source let you a lot
of doubts, in that case it make sense to go through the basics again from a different source

otherwise just keep practicing and doing projects and googling stuff to get better

For if you take the example i told,

Should i learn it?

This is not only for html but also for other langs and framework offered by codecademy for free.

I don’t know if you have doubts or if you are confortable with the basics, that’s a thing that only yourself knows

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Okay. I understand.
Thanks for the time.

yes, I think it’s worth it.
It will be good review and practice!

Thanks for the reply @kennn!
Welcome to the Forum!

It all depends on how you understand it. Learning it from anywhere is same.

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Hey there @codely,

I would caution you against diving in to too many resources that cover the same topics. It is very easy to be stuck in “tutorial purgatory” that way.

Programming isn’t something that you can really “master”. There is always more to learn, and memorising all of the concepts is near impossible. My recommendation is to work your way through the freeCodeCamp curriculum, and supplement your learning with documentation as needed. Here’s why:

The freeCodeCamp curriculum is designed to give you a basic understanding of the core fundamentals behind programming, and to get you started with technologies like JavaScript, React, MongoDB, and node.js - but the bulk of your learning will really come from building things. My approach to learning was to complete a certification section (i.e. Responsive Web Design), then take those skills and build my own project with them as well.

The goal here isn’t to know everything there is to know about HTML, but to know the basic concepts. You’ll find that, as you build things and expand your skillset, you’ll remember the stuff you use and forget the rest. If you asked me how to make a drop down in a form, I’d probably have to look it up because it’s not something I do often. And that’s okay. Once you’ve got the core concepts down, referencing documentation when you don’t know how to do something becomes a much smoother process.


I think that you will learn more by building your own projects. Then you have to actively think about how to use the concepts you have learned. Then later e.g. in a few months, it could be good to go back and review the concepts from another source e.g. from codecademy.

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I think it’s worth it. Althought lastnight I was doing a challenge involving arrays and I was so confused because I was like “I swear I’ve done this challenge before. what’s going on?”. So I realized that’s because I’m taking the JS course on Codecademy at the same time. It’s slightly driving me crazy but yeah, it’s worth it to make information stick in your head.
Happy coding!

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*Don’t do that so as not to get stuck. You can’t know everything. Just practice, practice and practice. *

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