Is it worth trying to make the test cover this edge case I managed to run into to prevent confusion?

I was doing the ES6: Use Destructuring Assignment to Assign Variables from Objects challenge and I made a silly mistake that made the second test not pass (I destructured the global AVG_TEMPERATURES const instead of the function argument avgTemperatures).

The reason i’m posting this question is this specific mistake leads to the first test passing with the text “getTempOfTmrw(AVG_TEMPERATURES)should be 79`”

but the second test will fail saying:
“destructuring with reassignment was used”

This happens even if you correctly destructure the object which really confused me and I tried all kinds of variations of destructuring (like destructuring both object properties into named variables even though only one is returned). I don’t know if this is worth making an issue over because it’s kind of pedantic but I can imagine it causing a lot of problems if someone who wasn’t familiar with object destructuring syntax happened to make the mistake of referencing the global and gets the failing test of “destructuring with reassignment was used” not being checked even when they technically destructured correctly (just not the correct thing). Since I was familiar with object destructuring I thought it was a problem with the test cases (or me overlooking some requirement) which led me to find my mistake but if someone less certain of the syntax happens to make the same mistake getting a a failing test of “destructuring with reassignment was used” could be super misleading.

Yes, we’ve encountered that problem before. There is a long backlog of things to be fixed, but you’re welcome to create on issue on github for it and tackle it if you think you have a good solution. FCC is open source.