Is javascript and node.js enough to create dynamic sites?

I would like to create dynamic websites and be able to comunicate with servers, I’m currently learning javascript and thinking to try node.js after improve my javascript skills, is this a good plan? is javascript and node.js enough to achive this? Any advice please.

It might be, it depends on how state heavy the dynamic parts are. Frameworks are pretty useful in that regard as they help update the view based on the application state.

If you don’t like React or Vue I’d suggest checking out Svelte, it is pretty easy to get started with. Its bundle size is very small and it has good performance (it’s a compiler). You might also want to check out Express.

So if I like react I could learn it instead of nodejs or both?

It really depends on the project requirements. We don’t know anything about what you are trying to build.

React is for front-end. Node.js is for back-end. Like @lasjorg stated above, it will depend on exactly what you want to do in your project.