Is Javascript different from ruby and Arduino because I have been doing those my whole life

I cannot use Javascript to save my life can someone teach me?

Well, if someone is threatening your life if you don’t use JS, then you should call the police. :wink:

But seriously…

Is Javascript different from ruby and Arduino…

Yes, otherwise they would have the same name. It’s like asking if Italian and Spanish are different. Of course they are. They also have a lot of similarities, but they are are different languages.

At some level what you’re really learning is “programming” and the choice of language is just some details you have to learn. When you learn a language, you are really just applying what you know about programming to a new language. I’ve known amazing programmers that knew a lot of languages, picking up a solid working knowledge of a new language in a weekend. #ymmv

So, yeah, they’re different, but a lot of what you learned will apply.

…can someone teach me?

FCC offers lessons in JS. There are plenty of other resources on the internet. Just start at the beginning. If you have a problem, google it. If that doesn’t work, search the forum. If that doesn’t work, then ask the forum. That’s why we’re here.


Thanks! You’re a life savior not literally I wasn’t speaking literally but thanks!

OK, but when I retell this story, it will be that I literally saved your life.

Not that I have ever tried it, but you can do stuff with Arduino and JS if that would help make it more approachable.


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