Is Laravel still relevant in 2019?

I started diving into Laravel, a PHP framework, and I am feel I am grasping it better so far compared to using Node and Express.

Laravel includes many features out of the box, including validation and Eloquent, which is an ORM to manipulate relational databases.

I remember when I was learning node, I had to download these features, like validation, authentication, and ORM’s like sequelize from the npm ecosystem as 3rd party packages, and then I had to read the crypting and confusing documentation on how to implement them. Laravel includes these already.

Laravel uses the MVC architecture and enables you to use routing.

My question is, however, is Laravel still relevant in 2019? I have heard that PHP is in a decline, so I don’t know how that wpuld affect its frameworks like Laravel, Codeignitor, and CakePHP.

I did a quick Google Trends comparison here.

It seems MVC frameworks, are becoming less popular. Compared to other frameworks like ASP.NET, which has declined in interest a lot in recent years, Laravel is now the most popular one.

If MVC is becoming less popular, what is overtaking it?

Node/Express.js, Django/Flask, ruby on rails

especially in my city, seems like most companies want ruby, the older ones want java more and startups tend to like node.

i got into both django and a while back and django was so much nicer to use. I havent tried laravel though.

I know the Vue framework goes hand and hand with Laravel. It is possible to create SPAs with Laravel too, I just have not dove deep enough yet.

Node and Express just drove me nuts. I am thinking about revisiting it in the future though.

yeh it took me a while to wrap my head around express and node but if you give it some time its worth it. i know it doesnt mean much saying this but its easier than it looks

just take it in small steps and only try to understand 1 piece at a time instead of trying to take in the whole thing at once. express is just for routing and not everything in node is useful for most people. and npm has a package for almost everything so you might never have to use node directly.

Well, the people behind Laravel are certainly trying to help it stay relevant in 2019, if the content on Laracasts is any indication. And Vue.js is incidentally the “official” front-end framework endorsed by them too.

If you’re going to learn a PHP framework regardless, it should definitely be Laravel since it’s the most popular by far. As for whether PHP/Laravel is still relevant, it really depends. There are still plenty of jobs in PHP that I see regularly, usually involving WordPress or some other CMS, and PHP will continue to stick around for a while especially when it’s still used on so many websites. But it’s basically “legacy” technology now, and would be a solid skill to have if you don’t want to keep learning new stuff all the time, since it’s pretty much stagnated.

There are definitely other languages/frameworks you could learn to get a better grasp on back-end concepts, that might be better future-proofed than PHP/Laravel. Python and Ruby are both relatively popular in certain circles (with Django/Flask or Ruby on Rails, respectively). Or if you don’t mind getting on board with the latest technologies, there’s Golang (which has a few different frameworks) and Elixir/Phoenix.