Is learning everything at the same time too much?

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

Until roughly 8 months ago I had no programming experience at all, and then I decided I wanted to make a video game as my own indie company. So I set out to learn how to do so, to learn how to code. I started by trying to learn everything C++, C, HTML, CSS, DBMS, Java, Python. Should I be learning all this at the same time, or is it making it harder for me to retain the information. Should I be picking out one language to focus on at a time?

Also, if anyone has some really good books I should check out I’d love to know!

One thing at a time would be preferable if only for the sake of your sanity. I mean, HTML and CSS go together and are easy enough and aren’t really programming languages per se, but doing all the other things at once means you’ll likely get lost and discouraged unless you take them one by one (or you’ll get really good at just the basics of each, which in practice means little). Normally learning one language well makes learning each subsequent language exponentially easier. And it generally takes a long time to learn a first language well.

Pick one thing (could be a specific thing you want to do/make). Not big, just a little thing. Get that down, do the next thing. Etc.

Also, if you want to program games do you really need to learn Java, C, a DBMS, Python, HTML or CSS? C++ I understand, as it is lingua franca (and C might be useful there), the other things I do not, they do not seem to be terribly useful for what you want to do.

I guess that also depends on how you are making the game. Each toolset or engine may require different language knowledge. Like for example, Unity would be C#, Unreal Engine would be C++, Pygame would be Python, etc.

fCC has a page on game development with some resource links.

Thanks for the reply and advice DanCouper. C++ it is as I am working with Unreal Engine.
I have been doing HTML and CSS so that I can create a website for the game company.

Thanks for the resource link lasjorg!

Yeah I should have said, it’s going to be one language specific to engine. Normally C++ (or C# scripting) for anything professional though.

Ah, definitely focus on C++ then, and getting the most out of Unreal. The website stuff – eh, you can just use something prebuilt tbh, it’s very very minor compared to actually making things in Unreal (and can just use or whatever, imo website is waaaaaaaay down the line from where you are atm, and a distraction)