Is learning everything impossible? No, its not

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

------Nelson Mandela.

Many of us have a crazy question, is learning everything possible? Now, I would like to answer, “Yes, it is possible.”

I am not kidding or talking crazy things to you. I AM SERIOUS! I know, no one in history had learned everything. But, if anyone now did it and break all records of learning? If the record-breaker is you?

Today, we live in a digital world, where everything is at our fingertips. We can browse information on any topic from different websites and encyclopedias. We can download and read books for free from various websites. We can also do courses on any subject from home. Therefore, if we go on a mission of learning everything, all the resources we need are available.

But the other gadgets we need are motivation, time management, a strict routine, no procrastination and progress on the way to success. During this process, we will learn more than the average people and experience more than we did before.

I am on that mission for a couple of years. I didn’t learn everything, but I can see my progress. I have read hundreds and hundreds of books till now. I have learned Spanish, German and Turkish languages. I have also learned five programming languages including Python, JS, R and so on, and I am still learning them. In summary, I am taking advantage of information and technology. And I spent $0.00 till now on all this.

So, what are you waiting for? Throw all doubts and discouragements away from your mind, and start your project on Learn Everything.

And remember, everything is possible and you can turn all impossibles into possibles. Best wishes to you.



No, you can’t learn everything :confused:

I edited your post to remove your social links - self-promotion is not allowed

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