Is Machine Learning the Future?

Comment after looking at this : YouTube

we’re not there yet.
probably not in the close future…

machine learning is mainly based on math and statistic, … we have a loot of way in front of us untill we get Iron man’s Jarvis…

Hi there @sanampakuwal.

That definitely is an interesting video. How do you think that it shows that machine learning is the future? It is helpful for you to get the discussion started yourself if you want to create a topic to discuss a video.

By the way, notice that the video is about AI which isn’t quite the same thing as machine learning. Theyre definitely related, but people often mix them up.

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Hey guys I just finished the python basics by giraffe Academy and I’m also using sololearn to python , but my main goal is to learn machine learning do I move straight into it or is The certain things I need to learn before proceeding.

the freeCodeCamp curriculum has a certificate for Machine Learning. You could start it and if you feel too confused get back to the foundamentals/other Python certs above it