Is my Jr. Frontend Developer portfolio good enough for a job?

I’d say the likelihood of landing an interview (let alone a job) is pretty low without you knowing a library/framework, so in your case I’d say you’re wasting your time applying to jobs right now. I’d recommend prioritizing learning React for now, since there aren’t many jobs that you can realistically expect to land with your current skill set.

You might be able to land a job using the relatively-antiquated stack of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. There are still a surprising number of companies using those without a modern library/framework. Usually, that particular front-end stack tends to be used with PHP back-ends.

Also what I meant to say before is that you probably shouldn’t repeat “Frontend Web Developer” in two places, at least. Delete the one below your name.

Also delete your address. No one needs to know that. Just leave your city and state.