Is my own web development business a good idea?

I live in a city of approximately 90,000 inhabitants, and most companies do not have web sites here. Those that have websites hire freelancers or outside companies. What do you think about the risks? And the knowledge that I need to open it (I do not think to open it immediately)

You can always start off as a freelancer and invest in some marketing material to reach potential clients. Freelancing is a business without a business location, you’d be a one man web dev company.

I also think about it, do you think it’s safe?

I’m not sure I understand the risk. Build a portfolio site, make up a logo and a name, have a few business cards printed, call yourself a web developer. That’s really all you need to do. Put some adds on Craigslist.

One idea is to print up some post card with your info on it. Start looking at the local businesses’ web sites. If they don’t have a site but think they could benefit from it, send them a post card. If you think the web site they have is crap, send them a post card. Or you could try it over the phone - just call and ask the owner/manager if you could come in and talk about their web site needs.

Get ready for rejection. You will get a lot of rejection. Learn to not let it bother you. Read some Dale Carnegie. Learn to sell yourself.

In the mean time, pick up some freelance work over the internet.

thanks for the advice

In addition to what @ksjazzguitar said, you may also try approaching non-profits, schools, churches and offer to make a website for them at no charge, they just pay domain and hosting fees.

  • this gives you practice on how to deal with people, clients, meetings, etc.
  • this gives you practice on how to design a real, working website with real requirements
  • since it’s a freebie offer, the likelihood of them taking up your offer may be high
  • these organizations are usually high-profile, and that little byline at the bottom of their new web site that says “Design by XYZ” is your calling card for all to see
  • these non-profits/orgs are usually run/managed/have a board of directors that have other jobs/management positions in other companies. This builds up a network of contacts. If you do a good job with their freebie non-profit site, these contacts may hire you to do other paid work in their own companies.
  • leaders in non-profit organizations are usually high-profile leaders in their own companies, so this gives you an in-road to other companies.
  • this builds up good-will/status in your own personal brand.

well I think you should start it but before you do so read this article and focus on what Reddit did and believe me if adapted properly and suited to your needs this method can be what you want also the second article on here is crucial too because if you dont keep your customers happy you will have no business to deal with.If you nail down the consumer success issue then you can do exactly what Uber did- either way you are spending virtually no money on marketing which can destroy an upcoming business. Do not be afraid to be innovative either, it is risky but if it is a useful product/service then you will be extremely pleased afterwards.
oh yeah and if you want to write the code on your computer use vim and only vim (3rd article)
here is the first one

second article:

3rd article:

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