Is my portfolio good enough to get hired?

Hey everyone, this is my first shot at a portfolio. Hoping it’s good enough to start applying to jobs.

Check it out here:

There are github links to all the projects, if you have any feedback for design or the actual code please be as critical as you want.


It looks pretty good, I like the overall design.

Some things I noticed:

  1. After I expanded the hamburger nav and clicked a link I expected the nav to collapse again by itself rather than having to click off it to close it.

  2. The text and icons in the “Who Am I” section are pretty small on a 14" 1080 screen, probably the right size for a phone though. Also, the text seems small in other areas of the portfolio as well. Looking at some of your projects some of the fonts are SO tiny it is unreadable no matter how close I get to the screen.

  3. When I hover over a project picture (which I like how you did the pictures, I think that is really creative :+1:) the screen gets jerky and the image increases in height and moves other elements.

  4. The hamburger menu blends into the background and disappears when scrolling depending on the background. Maybe there could be a background color on it to keep it visible.

Is it good enough to get hired? I don’t know. But you have some strong projects so I hope it is enough. Good luck!

Thanks for the detailed feedback.

The images changing size were something I added today, forgot to test on all screens.

I think I understand the effect you were looking for with the images but it also moves the buttons for the project links.

One other thing I was going to mention was the contrast of “web developer “. It failed contrast ratios on desktop and is is worse now looking at it on my iPad.


The background is different on my iPad and those words are barely readable.

I put out my portfolio and resume for review a couple weeks ago in the same situation you are in. There were over 250 views but only one response. That response saw something I didn’t and I made the change. I’m not sure what to make of the lack of response I had. I wish I had more feedback on my portfolio.

So, your portfolio looks great, I just tried to take a closer look like I would want someone to look at mine.

As @eoja said, the text Web Developer is barely visible. And I think it would be great if you divide the projects into 2 column or something like that for tablet device. And you should focus on accessiblity, because here is the lighthouse test of this portfolio.

But your portfolio overall look is really impressive and the fading in effects on content when scroll. I really like that effect. I’m sure you will get what you want with a little bit of more efforts. Good luck and have a great time!

I appreciate that. Based on what I’ve seen on here so far, the better portfolios get less attention. People are more likely to want to comment on ones that still need a ton of work. So it may be a good sign. I took a look at yours and it looks really solid.

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Good call yeah, it’s a shame because on the right screen I really love the aesthetic of the white on the pastel background… but I guess accessibility is key. I’ve switched it up to a grey for now.

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Looks pretty nice.

  • I would suggest using transform for animating the position of elements. Animating margin/padding is not as performant and the name animation looks a bit laggy to me which might be fixed by animating the transform instead.

  • The vertical alignment of the menu text seems off, it needs to be at the bottom or centered in its container. I would also make sure the color hover effect covers the container on the top and bottom items like it does for the other items.

  • The click area for the project buttons is a bit odd, I would make sure only the visible part of the buttons are clickable.

  • The about text legibility needs a little work. I would increase the font size and line-height and give each block of text its own paragraph.

  • Not sure how crazy I am about the marquee.

  • The form needs to stack much sooner.