Is my portfolio "job-ready"?

Hi, I want to get some awesome and honest feedback on my portfolio site. Would appreciate any comments. Thanks!

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Hey there,

great work!

Whom do you want to sell to?

Because currently the site sells to developers, with all the fancy icons no non-techie cares about. So do you search for a job in a company or do you sell solutions to customers as a freelancer?

I think it’s pretty impressive! I especially like those cool svg circuit decorations and now I want to learn how to do that. Aesthetically, personally, I think there might be a bit too much variety in fonts and the serif smaller text doesn’t quite work for me.

I agree with @miku86 that the messaging is somewhat confusing. It sort of looks like a commercial site that’s selling products to end users (but who?), but actually you’re trying to demonstrate your skill and knowledge to potential employers (I think?).

So it seems to me that it would be better to choose one of those two scenarios and change your copy to clearly show which of those two audiences you are trying to target.

So, for example, if you are trying to get employment as I think, instead of saying “Expanding your business? Get a website”, you could write, “Cyril Cabo, Full Stack Developer” or something that clearly shows that the product is (to put it crassly) you, not websites.

But I am trying to get my first tech job, so don’t put too much stock into what i say :slight_smile:

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Hey @cyrilcabo!

Your projects are cool and you are definitely very knowledgeable. I do agree with the previous posters about the messaging.

One small thing that I noticed was the rating system.

Where did these ratings come from? Previous Clients? Customers? Did you rate these? If so, why did you go from five stars to zero? So, I would probably just get rid of the ratings IMO.

Good job though!

Good luck!

Hi @miku86 , when i first made the portfolio in August, I only wanted to showcase my projects to employers. But, I also want to try my luck in freelancing. I’m going to start a blog there too. I think that’s why the message is quite confusing. But I’ll sort it out. Thanks!

Hi @CactusWren2020 I made those svg designs with Photoshop. Thanks for your insight!

@jwilkins.oboe Actually the rating system is for previous clients and visitors. If you try to view the product and click the ratings, you would be able to add a new review.

Thanks, everyone! Means a lot.

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