Is my portfolio page jobhunt ready?

So, I scrapped my old and horrible portfolio page in favor of a redesigned one. I know that I haven’t added any colors or real images yet, but this is the main skeleton. Does this look good enough to put out on the market?

Getting a 404 on that link matey. Correct url.

I think you’ve got some work ahead of you before you start showing this off to potential employers. I understand it’s just a skeleton, but it’s hard to get a feel for what it might be when there’s so little there.

Um… It doesn’t have anything on it?

I was asking about the layout of the portfolio page in general.

Here are the projects I intend to put on it.

You definitely should use a CSS framework like Bootstrap or Bulma

The layout could be good, it could be bad, depending on what styling you use. I realize you’re looking for a constructive response, but if a contractor only framed in 2x4’s and approached his colleagues asking if they think the house was ready to be presented to potential buyers, their answer would be just as incomplete. Consider spending some time on basic styling skills for the portfolio and your projects alike.

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I have used those on my other projects. I thought it would be interesting to see what could be achieved without them, and I wanted my portfolio site to look less bootstrapy.

If it is on Codepen, it is not ready. It’s as simple as that.


So, if I moved the very same page, with the present styling to github?

The point that many people have made is that there isn’t really anything there to judge on. There isn’t any content and very little styling. It’s not “jobhunt ready” because it is both unfinished and empty.

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It could use some work on mobile: