Is my project worthy?

Im posting this as im hoping my project will be a good project for employers iv been coding for 2 years now and was expecting to get a job near the start of this year.

But then the coronavirus happened and everything got put on hold and im not sure if its the same anywhere else but in the UK its still mostly remote jobs going at the minute for hire and its near imposible to get a remote job if you aint worked in this sector before, but im hoping that will change soon as our infection numbers are going down and things are starting to open up.

So my question is???

will my project be something that will get my hired or at least get responses from agencies when this is all over?

here’s my project be sure to check the generator out it works from any song to.

it uses the spotify api so you will need a spotify account to try it…

any feedback is appreciated

Looking at it quickly, it looks pretty slick. Will it get you a job? Yes and no. There are different levels of jobs - this might get you an entry level job. Really though, you’d probably want a few like this, in a nice portfolio with links to working versions of your apps and links to the code so they can see what you’ve done.

But yes, this is a really good start. Getting the first job is really hard. I would start applying and keep building your portfolio and resume. As you do, the jobs for which you will qualify will increase and you’ll get better and better and the interview process - an often overlooked part of the process.

I wrote up a doc with my thoughts on the process. Read others’ articles and blogs for insights. Keep at it.

thanks mate and yes i have a portfolio but my other projects aint as good as this one so thats why i thought id just get feedback on this one, i have projects with vue and firebase, and apps with react native and ionic on there, understand that this first job part is hard this is why i was hoping to get some reassurance from someone who got the job and been through this which you have done and i appreciate your feedback.

but like you say i lack the interview process this is something iv not had yet so that kinda puts me on edge, i will defo give your article a look through thanks.

Yeah, it’s hard. I got my first job with this. It’s nothing magical, but that, a few freelance projects, and a great interview got me my first job. But it’s different for everyone and for every job.

Don’t think about getting it “perfect”, think of it as “keep getting it a little bit better” and keep developing it until skill, experience, market need, and luck intersect. There’s not magic formula, just continuous development, persistence, and a little luck.

the link wont work for me mate nothing happens, but yeah i get ya, mean live in the uk so probably a lot different from the us which i know a lot of people on the site are from, and yh having some freelance projects is really gonna help like you had i not even done anything like that mate the wouldnt even know how to atm in the lockdown.

but id prefer a real office job tbh more than freelance, and i know i will get there eventually mate its just one of them waiting games for the first job aint it and this virus just makes it harder thanks anyway mate.

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edit: lol i get the turing test just looked it up.

Yeah, we don’t always get to choose our first job. Those first freelance jobs were a real confidence builder gave me something to show, and got be a great recommendation. Teaming up with some other people on a project can look good. Open source can look good. They just want to see that you’ve actually done something. There’s a difference between these little projects and working on someone else’s code, as a part of a team, in a work environment. The closer you can get to that, the better.

I think getting a dev job in the UK and the US are a lot less different than you think. There’s a certain “dev culture” that is somewhat universal and is different from other business cultures, which can be very individualistic. I’m sure there are some differences, but not nearly as many as you think.

I fixed the link, thanx.

Yeah i know the UK and US are the same but what i mean is the lockdown situation isnt at the minute if you get what i mean, many dev jobs in the uk are still remote, which makes it harder thats what im saying junior positions are still scarce.

do you have any links to the sites where i could contribute to stuff and get this experience or any open source stuff that would be good for me to put on my portfolio, cuz i get how much it helps with working on real stuff like you just said, iv heard this from other people too i just wouldnt know where to start, i know theres github but i wouldnt know who to ask on there to say hey can i join help in your project. if you get what i mean

Yeah, lockdown has made things tough. It has increased remote jobs, but those are hard to get for first jobs.

I don’t know about sites to find stuff to work on. I would google things like “easy first open source” and see what you see. If you do React, I just started an open source npm package called react-lectorem. I did some work on one called something like “ydkjs exercises”. But it’s about finding a project that uses a stack with which you are comfortable, and finding an issue that needs work. It can be tough. And again, don’t rule out some freelance work. You may have to bid lower than you think at first, but you might get paid a little to learn.

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you know i never thought of npm packages, that is a great idea to start with thank you mate you’ve had you some good advice, i appreciate it

Yeah, building your own npm package looks good too.

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hey thanks for the suggestions mate, i had a look at your portfolio there’s some good projects on there and i see you have quite a few back end stuff like express and mongoose, would you say that had an impact on you getting a job? i have actually used express and before for making email contact forms and stuff so i get how it works.

So do you think i should make a back end project for my portfolio with mongoDB and mongoose, do you think it will be worth me doing this?

Did express and mongoose effect me getting the job? Probably not directly since I’m doing a mobile/front-end job. But even for those, they like to see a little b/e, to see that you understand the whole picture - I think it helps.

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thanks mate been a good help

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