Is NodeJS dead now that Deno is in the picture?

Is it worth still investing time into NodeJS or creating new projects with it?

Short answer: No it’s not dead. Yes keep using it :slight_smile:

When is the last time you saw any well established tech disappear overnight?

Besides, are you learning node or javascript?

Node is the platform the language runs on. Deno is a newer platform to run the (mostly) identical code on.

The main thing to change will be how packages and imports are handled. Maybe some of the new command line arguments for enabling access to network and file system, etc.

And I bet that’ll be a 1-2 hour read and a few hours of debugging when you hit the inevitable confusing bits.


It’s has one stable release, and that release has been live for for ten days. It has no community to speak of. It has no extensive collection of libraries. It isn’t tested over years of production.

Ten days!

Edit: I’ve played around with it for the last year. It’s very good. It’s API is clean and clear, you get most basics you’d want from a modern platform, security setup seems good, TS is good, basing std libraries on Go is a good idea, it’s nice to use. It’s in no way ready to replace anything atm.


I feel like almost nothing truly ever dies in software; even old stuff like Fortran, Lisp and COBOL are still in use but mostly because there’s either huge stability benefits or just companies betting on legacy code and sticking to what has worked for them.

Deno is in its 1.02 version so I would wait until it starts being used in PRODUCTION rather than just hobby projects. I’m gonna write an utility library for Deno and dedicate some days to learn the core API; but I don’t think Node is going anywhere anytime soon.

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