Is one supposed to fork the replits or use the boilerplate?


I just passed first exercise on npm and microservices.
I needed this link APIs and Microservices Certification: test with URL does not work - #3 by EliaContini

I have an extra question. I’m using a copy of the boilerplate. Is that ok, is one supposed to fork it or does it not matter? Just curious.

Thank you and greets

I’m a little bit confused by the question. Forking the freeCodeCamp boilerplate/template makes a copy of the code. That’s what forking means. Did you manually copy the code?
As long as you start with the same contents as the starting code from the freeCodeCamp template repl, everything is fine.

If you click on the link, a copy of the fcc replit appears in my replits. When I click on
my name / boilerplat-npm I can choose ‘fork’ in the bottom left corner. In codepen one is supposed to fork so it seems logical to do this in replit as well. The copy and the fork both work I think and maybe the difference is negligable.