Is only me or Have I missed something?

As a Web Developer in some time of our live, we’ve had to interact with Databases…

I’ve didn’t saw the complete course, but I don’t find it…

Any Advice to complement this courses with this TOPIC… any advice or Are you planning to add later?

Relational DB as postgresql and mysql or mariadb
Non-Relational as mongodb


Welcome to the forums @hhlp.

Expand “API’s and Microservices Certification”. In there, MongoDB and Mongoose are introduced.

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What was the reason to use a non-relational database?.. instead of postgresql or is just a simple adaptation to use a relational database…


For the curriculum, the principle has usually been to pick a technology and teach it instead of trying to cover all our bases. Teaching MongoDB instead of Postrgres is similar to teaching React instead of Angular.

However, freeCodeCamp does have a wider variety of courses available. If you look at their YouTube channel you’ll see a few tutorials on using Postgres in your stack. The articles on /news also cover a lot of material that isn’t part of the curriculum.

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The MERN stack is pretty common. I guess it was decided on both because it’s a commonly used stack and because the DB is pretty easy to set up using a cloud based solution.