Is physical science compulsory to learn

Hi,I’m in grade 11 n doing history,geography n Tourism,while looking up programing l’ve found out that u need to study physical science in order to apply for a course,is it true(google) but for me it’s already to late to study it .So l was wondering if l could still become a programer/software developer without studying physical science :expressionless:need advice

where have you found that you must study physical science? it’s not true.

Also, even if you needed that, it’s never too late to learn something new, so you could learn physial science now, if that was a prerequisite for programming.

You can start learning web development from the freecodecamp curriculum at if that’s something that interests you


I saw it on a site that it’s needed in order to apply for a course but than just now l saw on a different site that it’s not one of the subjects needed

If you want to do a course with an application process, you could be tested on anything :person_shrugging:
It could also be physical science

You should be able to find what they test you on tho

Different classes/courses and enrolments might have entry requirements. That doesn’t mean it is a requirement for you to learn it, just the enrolment for that specific class/course.

You most definitely do not need to know about physical science to learn to program.

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To expand on what is mentioned above, the only area where physical sciences starts to overlap with programming is at the hardware level.

For example, CPU processing power no longer follows Moore’s Law, due to processor density hitting a wall in regards to physics. Where putting too many processors together results in actual physical limitations due to quantum mechanics, where things get so close its possible electrons “jump”.

This doesn’t mean things can’t get more powerful, but it does mean newer approaches are needed. Furthermore it also presents an actual physical “wall of the universe” limitation to something very relevant to programmers, which is computing power.

Generally however you could study programming without any physical sciences at all, as was the case back in the earliest days of computer science, where “computation” was performed either in your head, or on a mechanical computer. (See: Ada Lovelace)


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