Is Physics necessary for Software Engineering

I’m currently in my last year and I’m in AS level and I’m trying to decide whether to stay in Physics or change to English. That’s basically what they are making me choose between. I’m not good at physics at all and I feel it’s pointless for me to stay there.
Please help me decide.

Since I can’t decide for you I’ll complicate things further :slight_smile:

Is Technical Writing an English option?

Sounds like your GPA might be better served by English.

Lots of software models the real world based on physics (and you get a healthy dose of algorithmic thinking). Can’t model what you don’t understand.

Physics dont directly translate to coding but it will develop ur brain in such ways that it will vastly improve your problem solving skills.

If in doubt, consult a teacher

I think physics would help more, though the physics A level is a lot less mathematical than it should be IMO

Ultimately it probably won’t even matter which you take, even though it seems like a big decision for you right now. Even if there was a “wrong” choice between those two you’d still be able to become a software engineer if that’s the career path you decide to pursue

Yeah, as mentioned, physics could be beneficial. There are probably a lot of SEs out there who haven’t studied physics, but a lot of us are into science and math. The way you break down a problem in experiments is a very useful way to learn how to think. As mentioned, some technical writing skills couldn’t hurt either.

So apart from enhancing my problem solving skills there isn’t anything to it right?

Obviously if you plan to code something physics-related, like a physics engine for a game, then physics may be directly relevant.

i could imagine a use case where you may want to know how much force you can bash your head on the keyboard without breaking it.

Problem solving, a deeper understanding of the universe…

I’ve never been a big fan of outcome-focused education. I think that my thought process when I code isn’t just informed by what I’ve learned about coding, but also what I know about science, math, art, literature, music, language, etc.

I remember in a Philosophy of Education class, there was an old debate in the US at the turn of the last century - Does a plumber need to know Shakespeare? I think he does. I’m said when I see how narrow learning has become.


Well, I assume you’re here cause you’re learning Web Development? In that case, writing might serve you better. You’ll not only be able to design and develop sites but also have an advantage in writing content and marketing if you choose to go that way.
As far as physics go, unless you’re looking to get into game development or writing some simulation software, you will PROBABLY barely ever need it.

The only thing in web development that comes to mind that’d require good physics skills is writing some complex animations. Most of these problems can be solved with libraries for animations.