Is python enough as they said?

Hello coders & everybody
I’m not a beginner , neither an advanced coder
Well, I’ve read and been told by most of my coder friends that Python does EVERYTHING!
Well, i’m confused , very confused
Does it really do everything? Literally everything?
So i can replace Javascript?
And php and all the others?
What about markup , can python do markup without html or css or java ?
Can python do both front end and back end?
I’m ready to switch to python i just need to know about this
Thank you all

“Python does everything!!” Python probably has a library for every subject matter… almost.

  • You can get work done in any scientific field with Python.

  • You also don’t need R. You could use Python instead.

  • You can run Python on the JVM (Jython).

  • Python can run on a webserver.

  • Python CANNOT replace javascript (in the browser).

PHP has the largest installed base of any server-side language. If there are any web related jobs in your area there will always be more PHP jobs than Python Jobs (it really is that big) for the foreseeable future.

I’m not sure of the full capabilities of Python, but it very extendable.
I think Flask and Django are the main frameworks for web dev.
I understand that it is very strong for data visualisation and analysis, and AI.
You can work with MySql and postgreSQL with Python.

Yet so-called modern web dev courses omit php in favour of Node and Mongo. Even here, there’s no php module. Sure php is old, but by no means obsolete.